Shaping Kid’s Futures Today

Our high-impact band program helps young students recognize the “Gifts” given to them by the Holy Spirit, builds desirable character traits, and prepares them for their future personal growth journey.

student practicing clarinet

Playing Music Changes Everything

Playing an instrument gives kids the unique opportunity to directly experience their improvements and success. It teaches children how to learn in a different way and is a valuable asset to a child’s learning experience.

In the Band Room
Band students learn about playing an instrument and reading music, and achieve high levels of self-discipline, focus, and confidence.
In the Classroom

The excellence and dedication expectations set in the band room carry over into the classroom. Students improve their academic skills and have a positive effect on others.

In the Community
The positive experience and activities realized help students become better human beings. Our school, parish and local communities benefit greatly by the unique opportunity we have with our program.
“Being a member of the band at St. Joseph-Cottleville was a formative experience that greatly shaped the trajectory of my educational career and personal development.”
~ Nicole, Former Band Member

Representing St. Joseph

For over 35 years, our band members have proudly represented our school, parish, and the local community.


Band Students

Total Awards*

Best Overall Band Awards*

Best Character Awards*

Former Members Now Band Directors

Former Members Now Priests (+2 in Formation)

Former Member, an Acclaimed Trombonist

* 23 Regional Band Competitions